Rara in Costa Rica

Friends Only

This journal is friends-only.
Please leave a comment if you feel you should be added.

Some things you can expect from me:

1 - I don't filter people out. If you are on my flist I read what you write unless it's been way too hectic around here. I sometimes miss posts but that is usually because I have to break up my reading between baby needs. I figure that if you are on my flist the least you deserve is to have me glance at your stuff.

2 - I usually don't do filtered posts but I will cut stuff that I find uninteresting or stuff that is picture heavy. Filtered posts are usually for birthday surprises and the like.

3 - I am extremely tongue-in-cheek and sometimes my sarcasm-o-metre is through the roof. I have had people add me who don't get sarcasm. It was a disaster. Rest assured that when I post and refer to myself as the awesomest thing that ever lived, chances are I am joking or I wrote it because it goes with the post. I may joke I am never wrong, but WOO BOY have I been proven wrong a lot -- and I will admit to it.

4 - I never, EVER make passive-aggressive posts with the comments turned off so that I can insult someone on my flist without allowing them to respond. If you have a problem with me or something I said, please feel free to just ask me about it (in a kind way, randomly throwing insults may not get you a welcome response).

5 - I don't sway my beliefs easily. I am pro-choice and I support gay rights. In general I am a liberal hippie type. I understand that not everyone will hold those views but if you think that will be an issue, perhaps you could filter me out of those posts and we can instead talk about the things we do agree on. Although I may be a slave to the snark, I don't think time is best served by flinging mud over the intarweebs -- especially when it concerns opinions where neither party is going to change their minds about. I do love a heated discussion however.

October 7, 2009: Sorry kids, some bad experiences have led me to nix new friends. If you think we would be great friends or if I know you personally, please email me asimplife@livejournal.com. Thanks :)