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asimplelife's Journal

Tales from a suburban tourist
17 December 1975
- I live in Ottawa, Ontario. It is the capital of Canada.
- I am fluent in both English and French, although my French writing leaves a lot to be desired. I fully support bilingualism in Canada.
- I did my undergrad in Psychology but have worked in communications doing public outreach, have run my own environmentally-friendly cleaning business, and now I am mostly a stay-at-home-ninja.
- I became engaged to my soulmate sticknick on top of the Eiffel Tower on April 3rd, 2005. We were married in St. Thomas, USVI on May 24, 2006. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary by traipsing across Ireland. We've been together 10 years now and have two girls born in 2008 and 2010.
- I live with Nick, our daughters Liliane Marguerite and Corinne Julia as well as with our dogma Dixie – a rescue from B.A.R.K, an excellent organization I wholeheartedly support
- We live in bungalowville, a 1300 sq ft house my grandparents bought from a plan in 1959. We traded our condo in the market balconville , with my mother and took her house to raise our little family. No one else but our family has ever lived in this house and I m so happy to be able to continue the family legacy.
- Our future plans involve: perhaps another child, definitely more travel and possibly early retirement so we can focus on our art projects and volunteer work.
- I am a social capitalist and I believe in things like social healthcare, social justice and full, equal rights for all citizens.
- I am the left-wing hippy your mother warned you about.
- I believe in delayed gratification, saving for things rather than using credit, as well as saving for emergencies and retirement.
- I think there are three things worth putting on credit: real estate, education and travel
- I am a big hippie at heart: we eat as locally as possible, clean with environmentally friendly products, and use alternative methods to driving as much as we can.
- I love books, singing my heart out, dancing around in the living room with my girls and spending a lot of low-key time together as a family. I have recently started running and love that, My absolute favourite thing is budgeting.
- I have the most amazing group of friends ever – some of the people I am closest to live the furthest
- I also have an interesting obsession with the LINCOLNHEAD.